Urgent, card not working in New York

My card is declining in New York. I can’t get through to speak to anyone. Please help!

There can be several reasons for this. If you can see the declined transactions in the Revolut app, then tap on one, and it should show why it was declined.

But here are some ideas:

Do you have enough funds?
Have you tried disabling the location security for your card?
Did you enable magstrip if you are using that?

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It says, transaction decline by location based security? I’ve turned the location off.
Should I have done anything before I left with the card?

It means that under card security, you have to turn that option off or open the revolut app with phone location turned on.

It is declined because it can’t verify you are at the same location as where you are trying to use the card :slight_smile:

It also said on the declined transaction, Grant Access, which I’ve now done.

My mum has the app on her phone at home as she set up the account and I have the app too, but the location was on. I’m in New York and she’s in the UK. Now it’s turned off should I be able to use it now?

Also if the terminal you are using are registered at another location like a headquaters then it would decline it also. So best option to make sure it works is to go unde “Cards” “Security” and turn the location based security off.

For more explaination about the options

Yes, if you did as i said under Card security :slight_smile: Ahh that makes sense, it is probably getting confused since you both are signed in on the same account.

So should my mum log out of the account and I just have it on my phone? The location is now switched off!

Should I have verified the account before hand?
Or should it work now without the location services is off?

It should work. But yes! You should verify immediately as you limits for top up is very low.


When I got to verify it it just comes up with this?

Is this right?

Does this mean I’ve verified?
The app says it’s excanged to US dollars!

Is this right to verify? That’s all that’s showing up the above pic!

Please help. I have no other access to money out here.

Should I be able to use it now the location services are turned off?

Your account is verified :slight_smile: