Urgent: card keeps getting declined


My girlfriends card keeps getting declined in america. There is money in the account and we have tried to contact revolut but with no success. Its been declined in shops and at the atm.

Help would be extremely appreciated as we have been using cash but this is now running out and would like to carry on eating.


Has the cellphone data roaming on? Try to change settings for location based security.

I am having the same problem. I used my card a couple of months ago in Spain with no problem but I am now in USA and the card is just being declined.

I need this resolved urgently please.

What about your data roaming and location based security settings? Does the app notification tell you the reason why the card is being declined? It usually does. If it does not, support can tell you the reason.

Support hours on weekend: 10:00 - 18:00 (GMT)

Thanks Frank, all settings are active. No messages within the app.

What is the phone number for support. I tried one that when you call it says it is only for blocking your card

Support only via in-app chat.

Have you tried to deactivate location based security? Is your mobile phone connected to mobile data? Is data roaming activated and has the Revolut app necessary permissions to use mobile data and location data?

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Just found out from Revolut that they had a processing problem yesterday which has been resolved. Thanks for your reply