Urgent - can't withdraw cash

I topped up my account for a trip to the UK. I can use the card for payments but can’t withdraw cash. I contacted support chat earlier and was told they would ring back but I have not received a call yet. As support closes in less than an hour until Monday, I’m concerned I’ll be stuck this weekend.

Revolut moderators can you help?


Hey @cengal :slight_smile:

:r: dupport does not close during weekends :wink:

Just in case, have you checked that you have set your card’s security settings to allow ATM withdrawals?

Yes security settings are OK. I managed to use it today. I went to a bank atm. The other atms were in convenience stores, and the hotel I’m in. They all state they support mastercard, so should work.

Happy to have a solution, albeit inconvenient one.


Go to appstore or google
play, install mastercard nearby, and you will see all atm that are supported by revolut and none of non supported :slight_smile: