Urgent: Can't log-in. Is there a HACK happening??


Can’t log into Revolut with my usual details after being forced to download the app update. Even when i go to the “Forgot” page your app still doesnt recognise further details requested. Also more worryingly i received a text message from Revolut about 15mins ago saying "Your Revolut code: XXX- XXX (it will expire in 10 minutes) like someone is trying to access my account! I’ve tried every available avenue to reach you and nobody has responded yet! Can you get back to me asap. In addition i find it absolutely crazy that your phone numbers don’t work and the only way to reach customer support “urgently” is via the app even as your app is clearly not infallible!!!


i have the same, but without this xxx-xxx code


Hey @ken25 and @radmaj :slight_smile:

No, no and no. Just server issues.
On the other hand, in the extremely unlikely event of a “hack”, as long as you don’t share the code you should be fine.

For more info, head to Twitter:
:bird: https://twitter.com/Revolutapp


I tried a few times, sometimes it has xxx-xxx code. Maybe you shall try a few times.(definitely some bugs etc) But finally It filled in the code received from the message and I can log in. However, some transactions are gone.


good to know. thanks.


After updated to the version with criptocurency I was never able to login. It’s always asking my phone number and after a while with the error message “We’re sorry, something went wrong…”