Urgent- ATM transaction error while money taken from my account

Hi Im currently in Bali, I tried to take money to an ATM but I had à “transaction error”. However the amount had been taken From my b revolut account.
No answer From support. Help please !

Have you tried contacting support on Twitter or on Facebook ? :slight_smile:

If it shows in grey and is described as “Pending” it’s probably just a hold, which should expire eventually on its own (although it’s a good idea to report it anyway).

@julien.alarcon As a simple explanation, a pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still waiting for the merchants confirmation or reversal. The merchant has the 10 days period to either claim or cancel the payment. The funds will be automatically back and available on your account If the merchant cancels the payment or the 10 days have passed and the merchant does not claim the funds.

It is not greyed out its effective and money had been taken

Hey. I have the same problem :frowning: I’m in Bali ( Amed) i used one of the atm, transaction has failed three times. Have you solved your problem? ??

I can now take money From ATM in Bali but I still havent get my 173e back :(. “Live” support answer in around 5h and is not helpful at all. I will contact them when I will be back in France

Hi, Can you solved your problem? ??

@julien.alarcon Indeed.