URGENT: Account locked


Well, I used to love Revolut, to point to considering investing on it, but i am not so sure anymore.

I have an account in France with my wife. She lost her card and blocked it. Somehow, I tried to remove this card, but now my Revolut app is blocked with annoying, useless message reading ‘Please help us keep your account safe.’

Nothing works and I need to transfer money NOW,

I was really considering the Premium account, but to give me only £400 free cash? No thanks. If you raise it to a 1000, I may give some second thoughts.


Vous pouviez tout simplement faire un transfert de votre compte revolut vers votre compte bancaire traditionnel en France. …

Vous ne pouvez évidemment pas “supprimer” la carte principale physique depuis l’application…


Sorry for your negative experience with :r: Have you tried re-installing the app ?


Eventually, a day later, Revolut released my account, not before a hassle to prove who I am and the accounts I hold… Still very disappointed… Honestly, I am looking for alternatives… Recommendations? What about TransferWise?