URGENT: Account Blocked - transfer to be done ASAP



I opened my account 1 week ago, now topped up my account from 2 different credit cards that I have, I have confirmed my 2 credit card with the 4 digits code but my account is now blocked and under investigation. This is a common practice apparently and I would wait if this was not urgent, but it actually is.

I have been now waiting for feedback during more than an hour and I need my account to be unblock asap. I appreciate that some control is required but I need to do a transfer today.

Please unlock asap or give at least an estimated time of unblock. It cannot wait much longer.

Thank you and kind regards,



@AndreasK @Juliopp @capital including you in the loop in the case that this may speed up the unlock process. Thanks for the support.


Kind of you but I can’t do anything and neither can @capital. Andreas, however, can, and so can @JessicaZ :wink:


Hi all,

account is now unlocked. I have to admit that I panicked with all the messages from other users. But in my case, it was blocked during “only” 7h, which is still fine.

Thank you,



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