URGENT ! a same day local Payment should have arrived on Monday, need help ASAP


At This Point I’m Just Typing “Help” repeatatedly.
agents told me on monday that the payment should take between 4 hours and a day, I sent a transfer receipt,
the next day they told me they will keep me updated, and they just disappeared.
The third day I requested help at 11 am, the live agent came back to me at 2:30 am, then left at 2:40 am, I was nodding off at a bench.
where is my money ? I just want it and never use this system again.


And please Do NOT send me to twitter or facebook !!


Thanks for the ASAP, Support Is still down, loosing faith in humanity :frowning:


Hi, sorry to hear that. You can contact them at feedback@revolut.com.


I’ve sent them an email, but a reply within the 2 next working days is unacceptable right now, please keep in mind that I can neither eat, travel to work or sleep, until this matter is resolved.


Oh that is tough. I would suggest that you contact them on FB, they tend to reply swiftly.


Well, I do not have facebook nor do I want to create an account, I don’t even know how much 4G or battery I have left.


Well, have you tried messaging @AndreasK on here? He could help you out :grimacing:


Thanks , I’ve just messaged him, let’s see how this works out !


What is the issue here ?

Do you want to top-up your card or what kind of payment should arrive ?

Transfers can take some time, thats caused by the bank and payment processor.

Topping up by card, apple pay or transfer money from another account will happen instant.

See FAQ for details about payments.

Otherwise, I hope that Andreas will get back to you soon



Hi C0ldwater,
Basically, My company did a bank transfer to me almost a week ago -
I checked with a live agent that the details were correct, he told me they were correct,
And I just found out that the money sent bounced back. (so they weren’t)
Now it’s too late to amend my details as my salary will come in full tonight, and will certainly bounce back


Hi @fiok,

I see what you mean. Which country are you transferring from ? The features aren’t rolled out completely, so unless you’re from the UK and using the personal IBAN it might just not work for your employer to send you money into your :r: account.

Please see the FAQ [HERE] (https://revolut.com/faq/#how-can-i-top-up-my-revolut-account-via-bank-transfer) for more information.



It was UK to UK, but I didn’t use the IBAN as the app told me local transfers should be okay.
Now I’m not sure what to do.


Hi @fiok, just to make sure: it is not about local account + sort code vs. IBAN. It is about having a unique personal number vs. using a generic one.

The differentiator here is the reference code. If the Revolut app shows you a reference code to use with the transfer, 3rd party top ups from accounts not in your name will bounce back.


Frank, you have not read what the user said before. The support already confirmed the bank details were okay but the money is still not there.


Sorry, you’re right, I missed that. My fault.

(I still think the comment might be a helpful addition for someone else stumbling upon this thread.)