Upload bank statements, waited more than a week. Limit not increased.


I’ve become extremely frustrated dealing with the customer service interface. I’m almost at my limit and won’t be able to use Revolut anymore unless my limit is increased. I uploaded my bank account statements and waited for over a week. When I finally got through to a live agent she assured me that my case would be handled. But then I saw that my verification was no longer in processing but the limit had not increased!!! I don’t know what to do. Been running in circles.


Hey @RonInUK :slight_smile:

I’d personally raise this issue to a formal complaint if I was you and this happened. You can confirm with the in-app support team why the limit wasn’t raised before doing so, and if the answer doesn’t satisfy you, you can always ask for the link to the form :wink:

The answers are usually really competent and fast.


Hi Ron. Apologies for the delay, I’ve passed this on to our support team and an agent will contact you via chat shortly. Thanks for your patience!