Upgraded App - cant log in something went wrong

I’m guessing its due to the new launch today. But though I would state my issue incase it is unrelated. I already have an account registered to my phone number, upgraded the app today. It has asked me to enter in my phone number, which I have but wont go any further, just says something has gone wrong. Tried reinstalling the app still no cigar.


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Yup, samesies. really annoying and obviously you cannnot use the in ap chat if you cant log in!

Yess i have the same problem :frowning: can’ t login.

Hey @LukaFluka and @Matthewj1268 :slight_smile:

The issue is currently being fixed by :r:

Using Revolut is actually quite an adrenaline sport :-D.

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Has it been fixed? Who do i message to get me logged in?

Did you get this topic sorted i’m having the same problems and need this sorted asap.

hi, i keep getting this error: something went wrong when I try to activate the app.
can someone help me ?
thanks !

I’m facing the same issue…
How can I get the Revolut technical support (if I’m not able to access from app)?

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@Alaman @guedes
you will have to contact them on Twitter or Facebook.