Upgrade to premium –2 cards limit and credentials

Hi there,
I searched the community and the Help Center but did not quite find the scenario.

Obviously you can have 2 physical cards only. I reach that limit with my Mastercard and the Maestro. But also, there is the option to keep the existing cards instead of ordering the third one, right?

Question 1: Is it possible to issue the premium Mastercard with the details of the existing one or will I have to change my credentials at any service I left them?
So basically: No fancy premium card design but premium service or fancy premium card but loads of entries to update manually, right?

Question 2: In case I order a third card I’ll simply have to block one of the first two? Is there any info on how long I can do so? So if I decide to quit premium after 12 month, can I simply reactivate it?

Premium experts report in please! :slight_smile:

may I ask, why?


Why upgrade?
Disposables and for our holidays in South East Asia the doubled limit for withdrawals. I would like to have throw-away cards for shops I use one or maybe once a year and in some parts of the worls cash is still king. (Also in parts of DE to be honest.)


I understand why upgrading. I was wondering about the mess with the physical cards.

“twenty” is just a filler because there is a minimum of twenty characters per message

Símbolo de estatus – somehow to be honest. :smile:
While I still wonder if anyone outside community.revolut.com would know it’s premium. Maybe someone mixes it up with that MC: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/find-card-products/credit-cards/world-elite.html

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the all-black/no-numbers business card is quite impressive, in case you want to become freelancer instead of premium

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In fact it is mostly about the hassle with credentials and number of cards, but the design would be nice as well.

back to your original question I’m pretty sure you’ll have to terminate one before requesting the new (premium) card,
unless you manage to talk with CS and ask the premium design as a duplicate of one of thw existing cards.

personally I use a revolut virtual card behind curve

You can upgrade to Premium without ordering any new card - just keeping the cards you have.

Yes, for sure. Question is: Can a premium card replace my current card. It is more fashion than technique. :slight_smile:

It won’t kill me to use the old one. :relieved:

you are going to upgrade anyway, so go ahead and upgrade :slight_smile: then contact support and ask them for a duplicate but using a premium design. it should work

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if done properly you shouldn’t need to update your payees even if the number is different because of the magic of "Continuous Payment Authority"


no need to attach stigmatised names to some kinds of subscriptions, they are just subscriptions and as general rule you don’t want to update them all every time you have to get a new plastic :wink: