Updates to Australian Plans

Hey, an early Aussie user here (since the beta launch back in April of 2019) and have subscribed to both Premium (on beta launch day) then upgraded to Metal (on launch day). Loved the experience and have been a massive supporter of the Revolut brand over the years, both online and through referrals of many people who now all use Revolut. I have loved watching Revolut grow and expand in Australia and globally, but now it seams the Australian market had been neglected and justifying paying for Premium or Metal is hard due to lack of benefits.

When looking at the rate of new features in other markets its sad to rarely see them come here. Now I know there are issues with what you can offer without a banking license but there are so many other things that can be done.

For instance, we pay slightly more for a Metal subscription than in the UK but only offered a slim package of features. The plan was justifiable when trading was unlimited but now with 10 free trades per month its almost the same features as premium.

For instance, in Australia we lack access to:

  • Insurance (all types)
  • Partner Subscriptions (on paid plans)
  • Revolut Pro
  • Stays and Experiences
  • Linked Accounts / Open Banking
  • Credit outside of Personal Loans (which has been hinted for 2025)
  • and the list goes on for newer things like RevPoints, Advanced Trading, Robo investing, eSIM…

On top of this we also lack any real localisation to fit with the Aussie banking system with no support for PayID/PayTo (for instant bank transfers), direct debits, BPAY (for paying bills) and more.

I want Revolut to be successful and I have loved using it as a main bank since 2019 but the lack of features for our region is starting to make the paid plans a hard pill to swallow and therefore Revolut as my main bank also.

It is good to see a slow rollout of features (we now got Joint Accounts a couple weeks ago and Subscription recognition in the past couple of months) and hopefully there is a lot planned for 2024 but I wanted to share feedback on what its like as an Aussie customer in hopes this can get back to Matt Baxby and the team.

Wishing you all the best and will always have a supporter in me.

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Hello @danielfeodoroff :wave: ,

We appreciate your strong support. It is truly valuable to us. We continuously work on improving our products and services. Keep an eye out for updates. :hugs:

SG | Community Team