Upcoming Payments include transactions twice

One of the recent updates changed what transactions are included in the upcoming payments sections.

They used to exclude recurring transactions for Pockets paying for bills.

Presumably to avoid duplicate transactions (one for funding the pocket and one for the actual bill).

Please either give us the ability to properly filter upcoming transactions or make sure they don’t include “duplicate” transactions.

Maybe it’s even possible to provide an even better way of planning your flow of money than the upcoming payments widget.

I use this feature a lot to budget for the next month, however this update makes it pretty unusable because I have no way of knowing when I reached my budget.

I have a few ideas to solve this.

  1. Revert the change
  2. Add filters to the widget. (from, to, account type, categories, …)
  3. Add a new way to budget your income.

Hello @moritzroessler :wave: ,

We appreciate the thorough feedback you’ve shared with us. We’ll definitely forward this to our team for future planning. Stay tuned. :rocket:

SG | Community Team

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