Unwanted exchange currencies

How do I delete USD, PLN, CHF currencies from my Exchange screen?
Although I have used USD in the past, I only ever now use GBP > EUR.

Hello @Wicker,

Could you please specify which screen are you referring to?

At the Exchange section you can only have two currencies. However, if you click on the rate on the top of the Exchange screen you will be directed to “Converter” where you can add/delete currencies.


Andreas K.

Hi Andreas,
When I go into converter, there are only 2 currencies. I.e. GBP and EUR.

Hi Andreas,
This is the screen I am referring to. There are 5 currencies.

Ok thank you @Wicker. Unfortunately you cannot delete currencies from this pages. However, when you go into convert you can add/delete more currencies.

As we will be adding even more currencies in the future, this screen will be redesigned. Keep an eye out for an update next week