unused foreign currency


I accidentally changed £100 into SGD S$.

When I tried to pay for my hotel in the local currency the card was declined, even though there was sufficient funds available on the card. How do I pay this money back into my own bank account?

I appreciate any help in this mater.


Hey @Jeanie :slight_smile:

Some questions…

  • was the available balance in a single currency?
  • did you use your card elsewhere before?
  • is your card active when you look in the Cards tab of the app?

If you want to transfer your money to your bank account, you can do so by going to the Payments section of the app. It’s in the middle of the bottom bar.


Hi Juliopp
Thank you for your reply.
I used the card constantly and it was active, as after I tried to pay in SGD and the card was declined I then topped it up and used it to pay the hotel in sterling.
I can transfer the amount I have outstanding in sterling to my bank account, but cannot manage to convert the SGD into sterling to allow me to transfer this back to my bank account.


Hey @Jeanie :slight_smile:

You should be able to do so clicking the Exchange button on the main screen of the app :wink: