Unsupported countries and regions?

Is anybody from Kosovo who have created account in Revolut ?

@Qendrim Is Revolut beta release also available in Kosovo?

You can add Bahamas… this is unbelievable !

Beta or Public @Adelbu

You can add on your list The bahamas, Revolut is no more working.

What do you mean with not working? Signing up or paying with card?

Just tried to pay where I thought it was Miami but they are saying Nassau so unsupported!! Does anyone know if this will change its a joke you can’t use your card when I have done this lots of times over the years?

I received a mail from Revolut informing me that they are now available in my country Bénin in West Africa. I live in France but still got most of my family back home. I just want confirmation please before I ask anybody to join over there. It will definitely make it easy for me to transfer money over there, but I am a bit doubtful… :blush: