Unsupported countries and regions?

I have just tried to book a hotel in the Maldives. The payment link sent by the travel agent used the payment gateway of the Bank of Maldives. No revolut card (standard or metal, MasterCard or visa) would work. Tried multiple times. I approved the transaction in the app and then when I was sent back to the payment page it said “verification failed: 203 PARES signature is invalid”. Spoke with revolut and the payment never arrived at revolut, have no idea how to get round this. Payment worked first time using UK credit card. I would prefer to pay the remaining balance on revolut if I can!

Hey I have a very Importbedingung question, my brother also will open an account on revolut, and he is settled at Sark and is it possible to open the account there ?

I think there should no problem or ?

Guernsey and Jersey is supporter.

Kind regards macroni

Does anyone know if the cards still work in Cuba. I have reached out to people living there and it seems very uncertain since Donald Trump introduced more sanctions.

Hi, i am in russia now. And my card doesnt work at all! The revolut assistance says its because of internal regulations! Does anybody had any similar issues? This card doesnt work at all anywhere in russia, though in my previous visit all was ok

I have similar issues with my card in Moscow oblast. It used to work (I use Apple Watch Apple Pay) right until New Year’s Eve and now it has been blocked due to country restrictions. Help desk won’t provide any meaningful explanation.

My card doesn’t work in Ukraine (tried ATM withdrawal in the South). Last time - a month ago - it has still worked. Revolut support says, that there is nothing they can do. “due to our compliance regulations, this transaction cannot be performed using our card"

I can’t withdraw money from an ATM in Costa Rica. I tried several ATM’s from different companies, no success. I can pay with my Revolut card in restaurants, hotels etc. Any idea?