Unsupported countries and regions?

@PhilT, the GIP, JEP, GGP etc codes are used only in wholesale banknote trading. Sometimes you might even see SCP for Scottish banknotes, even though SC is the country ISO code of the Seychelles, not Scotland (which is no more wrong than using BTC for Bitcoin instead of XBT as BT is the country ISO code of Bhutan).

Electronic transactions are always in GBP. And there’s no pegging; these local banknotes and coins are fixed, not pegged, at parity with GBP banknotes and coins.


Thank you so much for your detailed answer!

what about India?? Can we use Revolut card in India without any issue to pay and withdraw from ATM?

@nomadus: I dont know. I never been to India so far :slight_smile:

Netherlands - MasterCard is not accepted on 99% of the places.

From other :r: users:

I will be travelling there soon, I will post my experiences there.

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