Unsupported countries and regions?

Hello. This is more of a geek question motivated by curiously but anyway Can we have a list of unsupported countries and territories that are unsupported? From my small comparison of existing currencies to supported currencies it seems that following countries and territories would not work:
Countries and territories where foreign Visa and MasterCard don’t work:

  • Tuvalu
  • North Korea
  • São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • Crimea
  • Eastern Ukraine
  • Transnistria
  • South Ossetia
  • Polisario front-controlled territories (unconfirmed)

Currency not supported by Revolut:

  • Afghanistan
  • Dutch Antilles
  • Aruba
  • Burundi
  • Bhutan
  • Congo/Kinshasa
  • Djibouti
  • Gambia
  • Guyana
  • Comoros
  • Liberia
  • Lesotho
  • Libya
  • Mauritania
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • Somaliland
  • Syria
  • Swaziland
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Yemen

Following is unclear but probably would work:

  • Palestine
  • Kosovo
  • Abkhazia
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Nagorno-Karabakh

For following countries their local currencies is not supported but ATMs and merchants charge you in USD, so it works:

  • Cuba

Keep in mind that in those countries ATMs and payment systems are unreliable and having cash is still recommended.

Some territories of UK like Isle of Man have their own variant of pound but it’s at par with GBP and apparently they just use GBP in payment system.

Those lists are educated guesses. It would be nice to have official answer or travel histories to correct those lists one way or another


Damn, I have to cancel my holidays there now :laughing:

I checked your list quickly, seems correct. That’s according to their official list of 120 supported currencies though, they might be adding new ones now and then without telling us…

I think they should focus on good holidays destinations like Dutch Antilles or Cuba!

About Crimea: some time ago I heard they were banned from the MC/Visa networks, people who went there had to bring lots of cash because of this.


I can confirm that the GBP pegged currencies (IOM, Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, and Falkland Islands) all work seamlessly with :r: :slight_smile:

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About North Korea: no need to cancel, the tour price already includes almost everything and paid in advance. Just take about €200 in small bills with you. Or even better: make Narae debit card on arrival, it will avoid giving up the small change.

About Cuba: another topic details experiences that ATM and POS terminals charge in USD. Fixed post to reflect this. Some other countries like Somalia and Congo/Kinshasa may do the same but difficult to confirm.

About disconnected countries: added separate list.

I used it in Gambia on April 2018 to withdraw Dalasi and it worked fine.

Note that Gambian ATMs charge between 150-200 Dalasi (£2.25-£3) per withdrawal for all foreign Bank cards. Also not too many ATMs in the country but that is changing.

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Armenia seems not supported at all. (App downloaded cannot proceed with Armenia country selected). Any info about business expansion plans in near future?

It’s not the same. You speak about using service as Armenian resident. I was speaking of using Revolut card by EU resident travelling to different countries (e.g. Armenia)

Thank you for the info. Unfortunately I can’t edit the post anymore.

Even though Kosovo is not part of the European Union, they use EUR and have a pretty advanced banking system, probably one of the best in the Balkans. The idea that Kosovo is a war zone and undeveloped is a complete stereotype.

I was there in September, in Prishtina to be precise, they have a bunch of ATMs, some have fees others don’t. I remember this one having a 5€ fixed fee, which was crazy, but I easily found another with no fees whatsoever.

VISA and Maestro were perfect to withdraw money there, however, Maestro would not work in POS, so I always paid with VISA.

You will have no problems using MasterCard or VISA in Kosovo or Montenegro, they both use EUR. You may encounter problems in Albania or Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had to drive 20 KM to find an ATM in Bosnia, near the Mostar area. It was to pay a speeding ticket, unfortunately (they have crazy slow roads there).

No one, and I mean absolutely no merchant allowed me to pay with a card in Albania and I didn’t even try to withdraw money there. That includes big shopping malls in Tirana as well, they only wanted cash. They accepted EUR though.

You will be safe paying with your card in Macedonia, worked perfectly, even in small shops. Used both Maestro and VISA to withdraw cash, Maestro to withdraw only since it won’t work anywhere there.

Maestro didn’t work in Croatia, only to withdraw cash. Do not accept the conversion rate of the ATMs, you will lose a lot of money in this country.

So my conclusion is that you will be safe with VISA and MasterCard in the Balkan region, you can also get by with Maestro but keep in mind that you won’t be able to pay, only withdraw cash.


Does this mean it works in Barbados?

In Albania I managed to pay by card in many places (visa card) and withdraw money


Hey Imram, Im travelling to Albania next month. Were there specific atms that were free ? Also im new to revolut, were there charges for using your card places? Thanks L)

I can confirm that Revolut works in Kosovo just fine, at any ATM or POS, haven’t had any issues so far. :slight_smile:

Hi there

Are there plans to allow South African citizens to load US$ or Euro currency on Revolt card in the near future?


What about Vietnam ?

Revolut cards work in Vietnam. I know 1 person who used them there for purchases and ATM withdrawals.

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How can I get card in Bosnia?

I was told yesterday that Revolut don’t support the GBP pegged currencies itself (Jersey-Pound, Guernsey-Pound, …). Is it working working for you because all cash machines can work with GBP in that area instead of the local currency??

My standard-currency is EUR so I must be sure that Revolut takes the money from the GBP-Account instead of EUR-Account when I will visit the channel islands next year.

Revolut works fine in Kosovo.
All banks apart from BKT charge 5EUR fee for any withdrawal so make sure you use BKT.


Thanks for that, you may want to share that in this thread so it help others (I have that thread bookmarked):