Unsuccessful transaction but still appears on my account

I tried this morning to make a transfer on a gaming site. It instantly appeared on my Revolut Account.
However, it showed on the gaming site that the transfer had been aborted.

I have contacted their customer service, trying to understand the status of my transfer.
They answered that the transfer had been refused because of a problem regarding a “3D CodeSecure” sent by SMS by my bank and that the amount would be recredited on my bank account (Revolut).

I haven’t experienced this trouble before, so I would like to know how the problem can be solved.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Eytan :slight_smile:

The money will be refunded within 7 days. There’s nothing you have to do to get this solved :wink:

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Hi there.

The transaction is still pending merchant’s confirmation or reversal. If the merchant doesn’t revert the transaction explicitly, it will be reverted automatically in 7 days. You can expedite the reversal by getting the merchant to send us an email authorising us to reject the payment, along with the authorisation codes.

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Can you please give me the email address to whom they should send the payment rejection?
Does it have to be in English only? (that is a French website)

Please contact our in-app support team, an agent will be able to help you.

The money has been reverted after 10 days.
No notification (as there is when there is a payment) though, is it possible to program it?
I have other pending transactions that were cancelled. I don’t necessarily want to check each one of them manually.