Unsual request to fellow Revolut users - help a guy out


Hi everybody, another big fan of Revolut here! :slight_smile: I’m in France, I’ve been using Revolut only for a little while, but I’m already very happy with how it works.
Now to my unusual request: it’s a longshot, yes, it may also be against the rules (if it is, I’m not aware of it and I apologize), but I am right now in a position which leaves me no other choice but to ask for the support of the Revolut community.
Call it crowdfunding if you will (cyberbegging sounds worse), call it as you please, here’s the fact: I would like to summon the power of the Revolut community to help me out as I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and I am missing 33 Euros of what will be my total to pay (around 80). I have no cash left, nothing in the bank.
So I need your help :pray: to gather these 33 Euros until Friday at 4:30 pm CET. If you can spare a few cents or even a Euro, it will be hugely appreciated. AND returned on September 8, when I will receive my salary. Each and every one of you will be repaid by me via Revolut, of course.
I don’t even know if this will work, but I’ve tried every other way (what’s left of my family and “friends”) and no one seems to give a damn.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you for reading through to the end and let me know!


If it’s a short-term loan that you’re looking for, why not use Revolut Credit?


Only available in the UK :frowning:
Also, a credit for €30? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point.

Lowest it seems to go is £500.


I’ve got this feeling I just lost 33€. But, as I told @dantob, I was raised this way.
But, in the probable case this is a fraud, please, he’s got the money already, crowdfunding closed.


@Juliopp sorted me out, thanks very much! I’ll see you in a week.
PS: The Revolut community is, as I expected, full of excellent people. Proud to be part of it!

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