Unreceived bank transfer

Hi guys
I gave a friend my Revolut sort code and account number to pay some money to me from her internet banking. She did it yesterday but it hasnt yet credited on my app. (Tried logging back in etc). It just about been longer than 24 hours ago now - does anyone have any ideas why this is taking so long, and will it actually arrive? :-/

Hi there, did your friend use the correct reference number?

I was under the impression that the sort code and account number was unique to my account, so no, she wouldnt have?

So it’s UK bank account right? Did you provide your name as the Revolut account suggests( middle name added,if you have one, etc) ?

Hello Mark, yes, its coming from a UK bank account (Natwest I believe). I went on my revolut app and gave her my sort code and account number that shows as my GBP account and expected it would go in within 4 hours as it says.
I dont know how the name has been set up, i think maybe first initial and surname and my revolut account shows full first name and full surname.
So, just to clarify, are these account details not unique to me? Does the payment have to be applied in some way ? If so, how will I retrieve this please?

I think the transfer time mentioned in the app is not accurate as I sent USD from :r: to my personal bank account since 21st July till this moment I didn’t get my money

Wow. Thats a long time. I would have hoped as they are advertising that you can have your salary paid directly into the Revolut account it should show at least same-day!

Yes, exactly but maybe the fast transfers is for UK accounts (i’m not from the UK)
so I’m not sure but still they should have mentioned that

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From another thread may be of help.

Thanks Grande. Yes, I did see this guide but its now been longer than 1 working day, and it was not sent as BACS