[Unofficial] Business Mobile app released


Hey there!

I’ve developed a mobile app around the Revolut Open API

Only for Android now, but I am already working on the iOS version. You can install it here

Once you login and provide your production API Key (found in your Revoult Business web app, under settings / api) you will be able to:

  • view your account details
  • view, add, delete counterparties
  • send money to counterparties
  • transfer money between your own accounts of the same currency
  • receive push notifications when transactions happen !


  • The API key will only be stored on your device (encrypted)
  • This is an unofficial app, unrelated to Revolut
  • The application is still in beta and may be unstable ( I will create a Discord channel if more people are using it, so I can help out)

Access business site from mobile
How can I link my Revolut for Business account to the mobile app?

Do business users not have access to a Revolut app ?


No, they just have access via Web.
Funny tho Bussines User would like to have a App while normal user would like to have such a web panel :smile:


How bizarre ! ! ! ! ! !


@ctoma2005 I will try when you add card registration, and Then mobile (NFC) payment feature…


Is this Spam?
Is this advertising?