Unlinking terminated card from the account


2 months ago I got a card terminated from the support, because it was compromised. Couple of days ago, I received notifications for unsuccessful withdraws from an ATM with that card (well, a copy of it).
When I asked the support why this happened for a terminated card, the guy from the support told me that the card is linked to the account (and cannot be unlinked) and that’s why I received the notifications.

I know I can hide those activities, but why can’t a terminated card be completely removed from one’s account?



So you removed it from the account already?
If so and you still get those messages it IS annoying and should be handled by :r:



Well just imagine you do a chargeback for what ever reason? Should Revolut keep it because it doesnt know where it belongs to ?
Or if you want to know where you’ve spent your money with your card (where it wasn’t compromised) ?



For sure they need to keep track of the cards (like they do with virtual disposable cards) but when you removed them from the account you may get rid of the notification, maybe. :man_shrugging:t3:



Maybe, but you also may want to stay informed on what is going on and laugh at the scum that is trying to rip you off :wink:

…just my 0.02EUR



Yep, I removed it from the account months ago and still got notifications.



True, but still it won’t hurt to have the option (On/Off button or something) to choose whether you want to receive activities for terminated cards.

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