Unlimit the amount of generating a virtual card


I shop a lot online and use my cards in some websites such as chinese which a re not reliable.

I would like you to lift the restriction of generating 4 virtual cards per month to unlimited for at least the people who have verified their account using their passport.

I was almost once charged £1000 from Apple, because I used my virtual card online on a store and they stole my details and tried to order online.

I would love the freedom to cancel my card anytimw and request a new number when I shop online as this gives me the maximum secirity possible.

I dont want to go through the headache later of chargebacks as this is time consuming.

Please remove the limit for creating a new virtual card for at least the people who have verified their Revolut account using ID such as passport etc.

Thank you!


That would be great if they could do it! This would most certainly boost an average balance and volume of transactions if the users know Revolut is more secure than their usual debit card

BTW - I didn’t know you could generate new virtual cards once you have a physical one. Or you don’t have a physical card and only use Revolut for internet purchases ?


Yes it would certainly.

I love using Revolut for online purchases. Its very secure and I know I am in safe hands at all times.

Its just that I dont want to deal with the hassle of chargebacks.

I would love to be able to generate new virtual cards at any given time without limits. This would make security much tighter and I will have more control over my money.

Revolut please implement this. It would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


I am probably missing something, but how do you create these “4 virtual cards per month” ??
I only have 1 card with Revolut


Maybe I don’t see this option because I have a physical card?


You cant have 4 at once.
You have to cancel it then you get a new one.

Can a developer please reply I would really love this feature


Any updates please?
I would love to have this added security


Bump please have a look at this


Can this please be implemented. I want tighter control over my money


Im feeling a bit daft too but where is this option?


Thank you for your suggestions. We’ll take it into consideration.

@AJM, Once you have set up your account and go to the Card section, the app gives you two options to get a virtual card or to order your physical card.

You cannot have two different card, one physical and one virtual.
However, once you have ordered your physical card then you can use it as virtual card.


@AndreasK Thanks for the info. Sorry, I was under the impression you could produce one off codes for sites you were not too sure about eg Banggood or Alibaba



Any updates on this matter?

Are we able to apply for a new card unlimited times pr is it still 4 cards a month?


Unfortunately no - the numbers are the same as before.


Andreas K.


Are you going to up this?
I would love to see this and i’m sure a lot more people in this community do so too


As I said in the other thread, I am happy if you enable this feature for a premium package at a reasonable annual/monthly subscription price