Unknown Debit Tel M (in euros)

Hi Guys, I had a debit on my Revolut euro account from someone called Tel M who I don’t know and didn’t authorized any debit from anyone.
Unfortunately, I tried to contact The Revolut team on the chat in the app but I didn’t receive any response for 3 days.

The problem is that I can’t know who to the money went as except this Tel M there is no other information.

Don’t know what to do…

Hi there. I can see that an agent has replied to your in-app message.

Hi, you mean in the app chat ? Because till now I haven’t received a message unfortunately. May be there is a problem with the chat because didn’t receive anything…

Can you delete and reinstall the app please?

Hello I have the same issue. Do you know who it is?

Same issue here. Any ideas?