Unknown card payment

My card was debited by an entity i do not know and by an amount i do not recall having paid.
I looked for the entity in google and it’s a collection agency… wth???
has anybody experienced anything like this before?

If there is a transaction in the card that isn’t yours you should block the card immediately and report the transaction via the support app.

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thanks, just freezed the card. now waiting for the support feedback

You should call them too, I mean the collection agency.

doubt solved. aparently Revolut had some issues with association of some of the vendors. I went back to the payments made that day and indeed there was a payment, for fuel and not to a colection agency :slight_smile:

Probably it was an offline transaction which was devoted later (fuel). Or online with delay.

It can happen. I was happy first time I thought the POS didn’t worked but surprise after few days :joy: