University Student Project


Hi Everyone,

I’m a university student at the University of Alberta in Canada and am doing a project on international payments and foreign currency. For my project I have been researching your company and I think it is the perfect recommendation for my “company” within the case I am working on.

My only issue is the financials side of my presentation/report. Ideally I would like to recommend licensing your technology for customers as well as utilizing it from a corporate side. However, to recommend a full acquisition wouldn’t make much sense. I was hoping that instead of pulling a number out of thin air to “estimate” a cost someone from Revolut would be able to help me out.

I was hoping someone would be able to help me out with an estimate of implementing some sort of licensing deal - I know exact numbers would be unreasonable but I have absolutely no sense of how much a deal would cost to be put in place. Any sort of estimate in terms of initial acquisition cost and/or yearly cost to continue to utilize the technology would be very appreciated.

If someone could help me out - or put me into contact with someone that could I would very much appreciate it!

Thank you so much!