Unique UK IBAN without reference number?

I have a problem because a payment provider I wish to use to receive GBP funds does not allow me to add a reference number. So if I use the unique GBP IBAN, my funds will just enter a pool and will not be directed to my account. Revolut has given us a unique UK account number with a sort code but this account does not have its own IBAN or BIC.

Also, since the reference number is always needed for the unique GBP IBAN there is a potential risk that this reference number is wrongly keyed in or even forgotten by other payers. This means the transferred funds will also land in the pooled account. So is there a way to solve this problem? I really need a unique UK IBAN without a reference number.

Is this an international GBP payment or a domestic GBP transfer? If it’s domestic, what you can do is provide your counter-party with your Revolut current account details (Account number, sort code.), which is personalised.

Third-party transfers are not supported for pooled IBANs at the current moment.