Unique IBAN

I’ve been waiting for 3 days, I have no answer when we receive our own unique IBAN for our company in all of the currencies. I will be grateful for any information about the implementation of my request, without the unique IBAN we do not need this account and we can not start using it. please help. Thank you.

the application relates to IQ Corporation LTD.

unfortunately on revolut for business scale 3 days is nothing :frowning: you have to count in weeks

:frowning: ok maybe i must search in another company. Thanks for reply!

imo depending on the currency transferwise might be the next best, then currenxie, then worldfirst and then… real banks.

A thing I love about currenxie is that a single unique IBAN (at DHBKHKHH) is able to collect individually several currencies, but paying from there costs US$ 30.

worldfirst otoh gives you separated accounts on different fancy banks… and a dedicated executive, but the rate can be quite high. only competitive when compared to high street banks.