Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Numbers.


Thanks. I did not try Lloyds, only Barclays. They used to allow a delayed
payment but now it is all immediate which they now say they cannot do for a
payment to Revolut.
Maybe I have the wrong Bank Code and Account Number. Can one or both be
resent to me please.


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Hi Dan,

I have an urgent issue and it’s probably related to your theead: My local GPB account states “Revolut LTD” as a beneficiary and a transfer to this account therefore requires a reference number. For my salary payments, I need an account that states myself (Franz Purucker) as a beneficiary. A close friend of mine is also a Revolut user and his local GPB account states himself asa beneficiary, no reference number needed.

This friend and me work for the same company, his Revolut account works for the salaray payments while mine does not. What should I do?

I need to solve the issue by the end of this week, otherwise my salary payment might be delayed!



Hi :slight_smile:

Where do you live? I live in Switzerland and currently it’s impossible for me to get a unique GPB current account (Revolut support have told me this). I cannot understand why Revolut is unable to offer GPB current account to Swiss citizen although they can it to EU cititzen. If you need a GPB local account you can open a TransferWise borderless account (it’s free, there is only a small fee if you want to send GPB to another bank account, i think it’s 50p): https://transferwise.com/u/gabrielb221 (my referal link)

best regards


revolut only gives uk accounts to EEA residents


mmh, but why? I think there isn’t a law which says that it isn’t allowed for Swiss citizens to have a UK account: According to the law they have even the same rights: https://www.gov.uk/eu-eea

“Switzerland is neither an EU nor EEA member but is part of the single market - this means Swiss nationals have the same rights to live and work in the UK as other EEA nationals.”

@Franz_Purucker Do you live in Switzerland?


Hi Gabriel

thanks for your help!

Yes I live in Switzerland, but I also have a German adress as I am a German citizen.

Should I just close the account and open another one with my German adress? Or can I somewhow get unique GBP details for the existing account?



I tried to change my adress to the german one: It seems like I can change the street and city of my adress but not the country.


you’ll need to contact support.and inform them you moved back to DE


Yes, I think so that’s the best solution :slight_smile:


I habe the same Problem!
Best regards


Do you live in Switzerland?




no - i live in Germany.

Best Regards


Ok, as a German citizen and resident you should be able to use your UK current account. Have you already verified your account?


best regards


the issue is in the GBP account, but also in the Euro account.

I verified my account by response the code "Revolut * 4231*, it’s o.k.?


best regards


It would be really really good if the sort code could be displayed somewhere. I couldn’t even see it on my statement. Can you tell me the sort code please?
Thank you


you can see the bank details tapping on the balance, then [local] and swipe up. in my case the sort code is 23-69-72.
if you press it, it will get copied to the clipboard


Just XXXXXXXX for account number and
xx-xx-xx for sort code !

and a pink button that say ‘Activate’ which does nothing when pressed.



it looks like a bug to me, assuming you are UK or EEA resident (not just national), you’ll have to contact support via the in-app chat to see why the activation of your UK account isn’t working.


I have. No answer…yet!


not ideal but sometimes it helps to ask revolutapp on twitter or facebook. they can escalate the issue and get someone on your chat quicker