Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Numbers.


Hi! Go to ‘More’ > ‘Profile’ > ‘Account details’ :slight_smile:


Hi I have just downloaded the Revolut app and ordered my physical card. I need my unique sort code and account number to send to my parents so they have top me up monthly as well as me doing it myself. I cannot activate my account to reveal these numbers? I have registered to early access and read all the terms and conditions but it still wont let me activate my account or show me the numbers?? ANY HELP?? :slight_smile: @edward @teamrevolut



Our tech team has identified the issue, and working on a fix. We’ll notify you once this has been fixed.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Andreas K.



Thank you so much!



Any luck in fixing the issue? Now my app has no chat function so I can’t
access any support. I am really not feeling confident about taking this
card with me to Australia if this is how it works?



Hi there,

I am living in the U.K. with an address etc and I have a French bank account for now.
Using the personal Gbp sort code and account could I transfer money from my French bank account to my unique gbp account with no fees? Or do I need to go through Transferwise to evitate fees?


Hi @Jeanjean, the UK personal account details are only for GBP top ups. But Revolut offers you a free option for EUR top ups via transfer as well! Check out FAQs for all details about top ups :slight_smile:


Hi there,

is this a bug? Where is the sort code gone?


Happened to me as well! :confused:


Checked it out on my Android phone too - I got a prompt saying to activate the account and now it looks like I’ve got one working :thinking:


I don’t have any issues so far!


After I activated my account this happened.
Can I reactivate my account somehow?
I use iPhone.


Problem solved. I deleted it the app from iPhone and re-installed it. Asked me to activate the account again.


I still think it’s just a bug, I mean Revolut didn’t announce anything and a local GBP account would mostly be useful to a UK resident :thinking:


The same issue, the same solution. Thanks, Revolut! :slight_smile:


By chance, I asked Revolut few days ago about local UK accounts for non-residents and I’ve been told that “something is going to happen soon, watch out for announcements”. :slight_smile: So maybe it is coming soon officially. Is there some UK resident who wouldn’t mind sending some of usa tiny amount (like 0,01 £ ) in order to find out if it really works for us as well? :slight_smile:



Unfortunately I find nothing, maybe I just look wrong.

Because of the personalized GBP account, which sender is displayed at the recipient?
If I with the Kontonummer and sort code transfer, then comes with the receiver also my Kontonummer and my sort code with my name out?


hi I now have an account number and sort code for my unique account, I know someone asked this question before but there wasn’t really a clear answer given, if I use this to have my 4 weekly salery paid into and my salery gets paid by Bacs into my normal bank account every 4th Thursday usually appearing in the account about 2 am will this still be the same when using the revolut account or will there be a delay in the funds appearing


I have come unstuck trying to Top Up my wife’s account from my Barclays Account, and trying again from my Lloyds account results in their error message: " Sorry we are unable to progress with your request because we can’t find the sort code you’ve entered in our list of bank sort codes. Please check that you have keyed this in correctly. If you are sure that this is right, please ask the person or company you are paying to check the sort code with their bank."
What do I need to do to get money into my wife’s Revolut account?


Pretty strange, I did a Lloyds > Revolut transfer around a week ago without issue.

Maybe @AndreasK can look into this.