Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Numbers.


@rpiotr We are working on this and hope to be able to support it very soon. Stay tuned.


Hi Frank. Actually the U.K. is currently a SEPA country. So one can use Sort Code/account number or IBAN for transfers.


Yes, you’re right. My mistake.


Hi, I had a GBR account with my name but I changed my phone last month… and since revolt is marked as beneficiary.



Hello, Ok first I have an address in UK but my first intention was to use this service in Spain with the EU account, so i registered with Spain address, but what i understand there are no support yet for US or EUR only for GBP. How do I enable the personal GBP account? I need help to change address because ive already verified my identity.



In order to change any of your personal details you will need to contact our in-app support team.

You can only change your address by providing a proof of address of your UK address.



How can i give them proof? The chat function is useless, i tried several
days now to get in contact with support, it’s totally overloaded. Can i
send it by email?


Im really sorry you’re having issues with the chat.

Can you send it to feedback@revolut.com along with your phone number associated with your account?


Hi @AndreasK and @danrevolut, do you have a realistic timeline for when we will get unique account numbers for EUR and more urgently USD?

Right now accounts can only be topped up via Wire transfer from a bank account in holder’s name. It makes it useless for needing to receive money from employers, friends and relatives…


Sharing with you my story:

I’ve relocated from Ireland to the UK, updated my phone and address details with Revolut (you have to do that through the chat after your account is verified) and decided to use the local GBP account details to receive my first salary (that’s the one where I’m the beneficiary), until I have a traditional bank account opened with a high-street bank.

My salary was paid into my Revolut account on 31/3 and so far the money hasn’t shown up in my account. That’s 7 days without the money. I contacted them on the 5th and after waiting for 5 hours on the chat, sent them the Payment Approval Confirmation from my employer containing all the information they requested including the transaction id. My employer says there has been no bounce back.

Revolut is telling me that they’re investigating with they payment processor but no estimate of when this will be resolved. On my third chat they offered keeping it open so that I don’t have to wait anymore.

I’d be very cautious of using Revolut’s services for large sums of money coming from third-parties into your local unique GBP account.

Edit: the payment bounced back on Apr 11 after I started a chat with them every day.


Hi guys
I need a unique GBP sort code and account numbers. I installed revolut app and subscribe for early adoption but nothing happened. What can I do?
Thanks in advance


Hi Marco, you should see your GBP account details if you click:

Profile > Bank account details > GBP

Let us know if you have any issues


Hi Edward unfortunately I found a Revolut account


you have to be UK resident to get the GBP account with your name


Where are you based @marco?


Italy. I would like use revolut card as bank account


I’ve sent two emails now but haven’t heard anything… can you help me please?


Will the personal account ever be accessible for non-UK residents?


@meme As far as I know every Revolut user should have access of their unique UK current account! :slight_smile:


Hello, I saw this 1-2 days transfer wise information on my app.
Asked me to get new app, learn more, blah blah blah.
I have the new application updated already.
But I’m not seeing anything.
Please explain how it works and where to find it please.