Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Numbers.


Hi @AndreasK !

My employers needs the address and name of my bank. But when I go in the app "GBP Bank Account / Local"
I only have “Beneficiary”, “Account” and “Sort Code”.

Thank you !


Yes, if he has a UK account than you can receive funds from his UK account. Of course you can transfer funds to your Cypriot bank account from the Transfer section of the app, or just let the card to auto convert your balance at the best available rate at the time of the transaction.


Can you send me a screenshot of what you see via a direct message?


That’s great as it’s a monthly transaction he does to me so this way could save him money thanks. What information should I give to him iban swift and account number? What is the reference number for?


Go Top up -> Bank Transfer -> GBP LOCAL to find your bank details.


I know I have responded once I got it.


It doesn’t work for me. I’m based in France and I want to receive a salary from my employer in UK. But I don’t have a personal sort code/account number. (version 3.8.0)
Even if I go to Go “Top up -> Bank Transfer -> GBP LOCAL to find your bank details.”


Hello, I have been in the UK for around two weeks, and registered & ordered my Revolut in advance in Italy before moving (identity verified with my italian ID document), thrilled by the announcement about GBP current accounts that would have spared me from the tedious catch-22 situation.
However if I go to “Profile -> Bank Account details -> GBP -> LOCAL” I still can’t see any personal sort code/account number in my name. Instead I see details of the REVOLUT LTD account with the reference number information.
How do I enable the personal current account?


@gianpaolom Did you accept T&Cs?


Hello @AndreasK , thank you for your reply.
Yes I think I accepted the T&Cs for the app, if you mean that.
However I can not see specific T&Cs for current account.
If I go to Profile section I see About Us -> Terms and Conditions which shows all the details but then there is no other way to interact about T&Cs.


Updated to V3.8 tonight and I see the account number and sort code page but it asks me to verify my identity. I then scan driving licence and next stage is to take a selfie within a face shape but the camera doesn’t come on. All I see is the image of my licence. Tried a few times with the same result. Should this be working for everyone??


Hi @stewartg,

Yes! Please try again to verify your account in the app or you can contact our in-app support team so we can help you verify it in the chat.


I’ve just discovered that my rear facing camera is not working, that’s why it failed at the selfie step!! Not sure how I’m able to verify my identity now. I’ll try my work mobile phone.


I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that maybe would have re-triggered identity verification process or acceptance of T&Cs, but that did not work.
Could you help me to sort out this thing of having the unique bank account enabled?
Thank you!


Sure. I will send you a direct message.


Haven’t read any reports from people who’ve used the service so just thought I’d let people know that I received payment today from a 3rd party on my Sterling account. Very happy to have this service


Thank you for pointing this out @3family! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t work for me :disappointed:
Your in-app support told me that current accounts are available for UK citizens only. Any plans to offer it to others as well ?


UK bank account are not for UK citizens only, but for all UK residents. You can’t have a UK bank account yet if you don’t have an address in the UK.


Whatever, I am not UK resident. That’s why I’m asking.