Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Numbers.


@gpoul @BritinSA as you both have early access the general FAQs were not updated at the time of your comment. Please re-check now.


I can’t find this text any longer. Maybe it’s just me. I would expect to see something like:

you may receive deposits from third parties only into your Revolut personal accounts. Deposits sent to you by third parties using Revoluts account number, will be returned to the sender’s account after deducting processing fees of £5.



I see for the UK bank account we need to sign up to new T&C’s.

How do they differ from the original T&C’s? What’s changed?

I want to know this before enabling the bank account feature.


Hi there,

The change to the T&Cs is that Revolut is now the Electronic Money Issuer for the funds in your account, whereas in the past the e-money was issued under Paysafe’s licence. To clarify, Paysafe is still the Card Issuer for Revolut, but the funds in the account are now being issued under Revolut’s own FCA licence.

I hope that helps to clarify it, but be sure to let us know if you have further queries.


I have a ukash card loaded with euro’s but is it possible to transfer them to revolut account or do i wait for the euro account that is due soon?

will the euro account be due in week’s or month’s?


Hey @gerry67, do you want to transfer money via debit card or via bank transfer? If you’re talking about bank transfers, choose Top up in the app, then Bank Transfer, then EUR. You will presented with all details you need to transfer EUR via a SEPA transfer.


When I looked yesterday the name of the bank was listed as Barclays. Now, it’s left blank.

What should I put here on a form that needs the bank name?


I want to transfer euro from prepay euro travel Mastercard to either a uk bank account but preferably a euro account that doesn’t incur charged


Well, Revolut accounts can be topped up in EUR with Debit Mastercards. Revolut accounts can hold GBP, EUR and USD without further costs.


It is likely this is a bug, assume it is still Barclays until further notice.

At present I also have this about 24 hours after I accepted the new terms.

EDIT: upon checking the sort code of the account I get “PREPAY TECHNOLOGIES LTD”


Interesting. Thanks Damian

I’d like an official answer just so it’s crystal clear


Interesting, I’ve just spottet in the app that both the IBAN for EUR and USD top-ups is now Lloyds.


So I thought I would test a payment through to the Revolut account via our payroll provider.
Unfortunately it wasn’t successful - they stated the sort code (23-69-72) had been rejected as it doesn’t support BACS credit clearing (or similar). Not sure if this is perhaps down to an out of date sort code list as I was able to successfully transfer funds in and out via FP


This is what faster payments states about the sort code


Oh dear - perhaps this is why then. Our provider is an out-sourced 3rd party that handle quite a large bulk of the UK’s salary payments. Hopefully it will be sorted quick, wherever the issue lies


So if I now transfer money to a U.K. Bank account from Revolut the sender will be my name, not Currency Cloud anymore, won’t it? Do these transfer support outgoing Faster Payments?


Yes, I can confirm that when I made an FP payment out, it came through in my own name with Revolut in the reference field. It came through in less than 60 minutes, I’ve noticed that payments in seem to take between 1 and 3 hours.


Yes it will be your name in your name, if UK personal account is activated.


Thanks @AndreasK but what is the name of the bank? Some payments need this


I asked because a day after my transfer, the amount hasn’t been yet received by the other end, so I thought it was only a standard transfer and not one via Faster Payments