Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Numbers.


you mean an individual local CHF account?


no, it’s a collection account where we have to use the reference number.


e.g. SEPA (…)


Where do I find a short description how to proceed?


How can I see if I have an unique British Pound account number?


If the app shows your name as recipient and no reference code.


Is the German “reference code” the British “sort code”?


No. The references code is a user identifier for pooled accounts.


Do you know the account number for the pooled account?

I can see an account number and a sort code under the British account. Do Non-British user even have an unique British Pound account?


If the app does show your name as recipient, it’s a unique personal account number. If it shows Revolut Ltd, it’s a pooled account.

(Yes, non UK residents can get unique GBP account details.)


Thanks for clearing that up. Much appreciated. :+1:


unless they live in Switzerland :wink:, no local UK account for those living in non-EEA countries.

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There is if you have British citizenship :joy: I plan to maintain regular deposits to a GBP account held with Metro and to have a maxed out ISA to ensure I can retire comfortably

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I always had the impression that you guys from Swiss always have the newest and coolest stuff because you are pretty much independent. But I guess you also have your hard time with some things.

I guess grass is not always greener on the other side.


even when your grass is greener than everyone else’s, people can always find something to complain about.

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You can get bank accounts if you have a residency within the UK if you’re swiss


Regarding the financial industry the big banks do everything they can to slow down any innovation that doesn’t benefit them. (most recent case is blocking google pay, apple pay, samsung pay to promote their own mobile payment application)
The big banks are only innovative when it comes to creating new fees :joy:

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When will you enable Unique GBP account numbers for Swiss residents?


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isn’t that a legal restriction? who else gives UK accounts to individuals resident in CH?


Transferwise does