Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Numbers.


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When do you plan to introduce unique GBP sort codes and account numbers for Swiss users? All other users from Revolut have this possibilty. @AndreasK


Last update 3 days ago :


Hello - can you tell me if the UK GBP account is actually in my name or the Revolut name - if in my name I should have to report/notify this account to French tax authorities when I do my next tax return … or risk a substantial fine. Not sure what the other countries regulations are.



the UK GBP account is under your name, but it’s not strictly speaking a bank account and it doesn’t generate interests so it’s fairly uninteresting but if in doubt it’s safer to include it in your report than risking fines imo



Can you get paid your salary from outside the UK as my company is based in Dubai and pays me in US Dollats


it would need to be a SWIFT transfer in USD to the polled account


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Hi, I can find sort code can you help?




Hi Dan so if I transfer £50 for my revolut account will I come up as the sender to the receiver or will it be currency cloud?



Received my Unique IBAN this week but the Address has been removed from the Transfers page on the app. Can someone confirm which Bank Address should we use when making a transfer to one of our Revolut currency accounts?



The address associated with REVOGB21 is:


and for REVOGB2L is


As you mention Unique IBAN I’m guessing your account is using the latter.

You shouldn’t need one, but in my case I need to use BARCGB22 as intermediary to receive payments on my REVOGB2L multicurrency account.


I still have the reference number, but only with GBP. All other currencies have unique IBAN. Please Revolut activate the unique GBP current account for Swiss users!!



You actually have an IBAN and not sort code and account numbers? That’s weird


Maybe they didn’t see both tabs.
Local is still with Revolut + reference while SWIFT is with the personal IBAN


for some reason only EEA residents get local GBP (UK) accounts.


Exactly. Could you take a look at it? @AndreasK

It’s very strange because Revolut is only available for EEA residents and Swiss residents.