Unique GBP IBAN work-around



I’m trying to move money from somewhere which doesn’t let me change the beneficiary name or add a reference. As such I can’t use the generic Revolut GBP Account IBAN found under Swift currently as it requires the Beneficiary to be Revolut Ltd and needs a reference.

However I’ve found the following site:


Using my sort code, account number and the Revolut BIC it identified a unique IBAN for me of:

“GB04LOYD [SORT CODE] 0 [ ACCOUNT NUMBER]” if I were to use this would the money be successfully transferred?

I notice under swift it says ‘Unique IBANS - coming soon’ but I believe it has been like this for a while and this could potentially be a way round?


You need to fully verify your account. After that, you can activate personal IBANs for GBP and EUR. And you might want to search this forum for more details on how to activate your personal accounts. :wink:


I have fully verified my account? It says UK GBP IBAN coming soon. I already have a UK EUR IBAN. Just to double check you are saying its already possible to have a unique UK GBP IBAN?


Well, it’s not an IBAN. It is the national number + sort code standard in case of GBP.


Hi Frank,

I’m sorry I don’t understand. In the app I have a personal EUR IBAN but its a ‘pooled’ or grouped GBP IBAN with the beneficiary name Revolut Ltd. Are you saying it is possible to already have a unique GBP IBAN that doesn’t require an additional payment reference with Revolut? As on my app it just says “Unique GBP IBANs” are coming soon.

Hence my question/statement about a workaround?


Revolut offers personal (not pooled) account details for the currencies GBP and EUR.

For GBP, its a sort code + account no (UK standard for current accounts, not an IBAN). For EUR, it is a EUR SEPA account with IBAN + BIC.

They need to be activated. I don’t know exactly where to find this in the app, but search this forum for it.


It is only personal a GBP account if you are UK based and receiving monies from within the UK using the sort code + account number combination. If you need to receive money into your GBP account from outside the UK you still need to use Swift into pooled account with a reference. That is how my account is set up.


Yes this seems to be the case. I asked on support and apparently there is no plan any time soon to give unique IBANS for Swift GBP accounts


@TimH , have you managed to receive GBP at the personal GBP IBAN, generated using https://www.ibancalculator.com/bic_und_iban.html ?
I’m in the similar situation as you: I’d like to receive GBP from outside UK, but the sender can only send it using a personal GBP IBAN.