Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

Wow, yesterday i made transfer once again (I need some EUR) from the revolut to my EUR bank account. And in history it is displayed as transter from my unique revolut EUR account. And more, it was recived on my account nex day morning! It is realy cool!! I am waiting only for posibility to transfer money with SEPA from my old bank account to EUR revolut account.

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SEPA transfer from TransferWise Borderless account to Revolut Euro IBAN doesn’t work. It says the IBAN is invalid.

SEPA transfer from PaySera (based in Lithuania) to Revolut (Lithuanian IBAN) does work and completes in a matter of a few hours.

SEPA transfer from TransferWise to PaySera personal IBAN works.

So, a workaround is to open a (free) PaySera account, get the personal IBAN by identifying yourself, and transfer via them. Paysera’s IBAN has a Lithuanian SWIFT/BIC code.

It is not worth to do this all for a simple transfer.

Top up with the old way is better even you have to wait for 1-2days

But it is necessary to send money from YOUR OWN account. (In čase of old way.)

I hope not : "Revolut So, with your old IBAN account you could only receive payments to your Revolut account from an account in your own name. Now, you can receive payments from anyone, anywhere, including a salary! Your outgoing transfers will also have your name as the sender. "

to new unique IBAN - yes

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The weirdest thing is: I did previously activate my personal IBAN account. But when I go back to the Top-up > Bank Transfer > Euro page I am now only shown the general Lloyds IBAN with reference. Has Revolut withdrawn existing EUR IBANs again? What’s going to happen with transfer to the IBAN now that it’s no longer appearing there?

Anyone else experiencing this?

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I have on app (android 4.5.5) unique LT IBAN number.

I have on app the same = LT IBAN.

Well it might be a bit more complicated, but funds I sent from TransferWise to PaySera arrived within an hour, and from PaySera to Revolut within three hours. Anyway, it’s good to have options.

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Hi there,

I urgently need to transfer money to Revolut but their new IBAN number gives error messages with my Belgian bank accounts both ING and ARGENTA they say the combination of IBAN and BIC is invalid ? Anyone know what to do?

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Can we still send money this way? I need money on my Revolut asap (before next Friday)

Old way still works.

As :r:'s IBAN & BIC are valid you need to contact ING/ARGENTA and ask them to update their systems. It took 24 hours for my bank to update but then it worked fine.

Yes of course.If it was not this thread would be enormous :joy:

Thanks. So, I finally got through to support. And they deactivated my personal IBAN because I said I was having difficulty with it. Without telling me. This whole thing is complete screw up, really …

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Phew just transferred the old way. Will try my banks on Monday

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I emailed TransferWise to let them know about this issue, but haven’t heard anything from them yet.

Hi. Please, what is the ‘old way’ to do bank transfer?
(I am new to Revolut but unable to use it because bank here in Belgium does not consider the Revolut BIC valid. Support said they were working on it, but no progress this week).

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