Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

Thanks, To be absolutely clear

  1. This will work for Euro bank transfer to Euro credit on Revolut?

  2. Bank online form
    Beneficiary = Revolut
    Beneficiary Account = GB98…8290 [This is a generic account for all clients?]
    Then I put my personal 8 digit reference in the ‘notes’ field?
    (There is no need for BIC as it self-generates from IBAN)

Is that right?
Thanks again!

The beneficiary is “REVOLUT LTD”, the rest is correct :slight_smile:

Yes as @c0stin mentioned and beneficiary name and address.The reference though is vital.Do not forget otherwise your funds will not be able to be credited to your account.

I have a few Belgian accounts; could do a transfer to the new Revolut account with

  • Keytrade bank (add XXX after BIC-code)
  • Deutsche bank
    Also possible using Bunq and N26

Not working (yet) : Argenta, Beobank

It does not work with DKB. I can’t enter BIC myself.
Die Kombination aus IBAN und BIC ist ungültig.
The combination of IBAN and BIC is invalid

Join the club…but if you want to invest probably everything will work perfectly https://revolut.com/invest

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Did test to send 10€ from NL27INGB to the new LT77 IBAN on friday 21july > did receive in 1 hour.
Did work so I send €160 on saturday 22 july> not in my account yet…I let you know when received

TransferWise has updated it’s DB and it is now recognised.

And does it work for you?
This is the message i get from TreansferWise when i am trying to add my EUR IBAN

This situation will not be completely solved until same country BIC or IBAN will be introduced.

Just tested it and it works fine.

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It is a proper BIC properly registered. Can we finally stop with this nonsense.

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Well, I have been told just yesterday (from someone whom I trust 100%) that a piece of software that is widely used by a large number German financial institutions (as well as outside Germany) doesn’t currently support SEPA transfers to accounts were the country codes of IBAN and BIC don’t match.

(I am not saying that that piece of software is acting correctly in its limitations. It seems to me that this should be classified as bug. But that piece of software apparently sees new releases about once every other century or so, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on them solving the issue.)


BIC is properly registered to LT, but there might be an issue where that software reads GB from the BIC thinking that target country is GB. This is clearly a bad software not up to current standards.

I’m actually not surprised knowing what old software is being used and patched to work in todays modern world. Especially in Germany.

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TransferWise automatically finds the BIC for you all you need is the IBAN. Works fine now.

nonsense is the vast majority of banks?Can YOU stop saying that all the others have the issue but for Revolut?Many users cannot use it at all others partially.The incompatibility between IBAN and BIC exists;face it and stop being a lawyer.

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I tried now to top up my Revolut from an italian bank account.
It doesn’t work, it tells me that IBAN and BIC code do not match and it’s impossible to proceed the transfer.
Is this a bug? How can I do to process the top up?


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Rare moment where it appears that we both seem to agree on something.

Legacy banks will continue to be legacy banks if they fail to invest and modernise. Simply swept away by the wave of mobile-first fintech challenger banks.

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There is no incompatibility. Unbelievable.

ok defender.I am glad that Revolut gives you the opportunity to be an Investor,must be like a dream comes true for you.

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