Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

Fortuneo Banque France doesn’t work as well

this topic was opened in February, now is August.


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The unique IBAN numbers came last month.

Its all new for us and for Revolut

As Revolut currently has little time to discuss this, I did some more of my own research.

My question to the conciliation board for banking issues in Germany (hosted by the German National Bank) has done some more intensive research and I thank them very much for it. It was a great service! The National Bank, AFAIK, does also do the the clearing for N26 - and as we know, transactions from N26 do work.

Anyway, I asked them to check whether there is anything that can prevent a reliable routing to the LT IBAN with the different country codes and whether we need any exception rules as mentioned in the earlier answer to the National Bank Association. The answer is:

No. Revolut’s BIC is now in all necessary directories. Especially this one.

So, according to them, everything is ready to go. I have summarized the research in another blogpost:

News: “Revolut’s BIC is in all necessary directories” (Link)


Thank you for your effort in this investigation.
Although it’s not the fault of Revolut, I think they should’ve issued a statement that explained this issue so there wouldn’t be so much confusion and turmoil.
It’s not too late for that Revolut!

GB IBANs are coming


when exactly?I have asked the support on Thursday.no timetable for the transaction…just words to me.

Got my new personal EUR account (IBAN GB…) this afternoon.

:sob::sob::sneezing_face: will I be the last one @anon33247966?I will not go hard against revo team again… :joy::rofl:

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I just checked it again and thought the same

I am pretty sure you will get it sooner than me…:yum:

Before this afternoon, my IBAN EUR was in Lithuania, starting by LT but refused by my HSBC FR because the last two digits were missing (key).

Now, I can add it but it starts by GB (UK), and that means that HSBC asks me if I want to share or pay or Revolut pay the fees when I transfer EUR to this EUR account…

Is it solved for the fees with the new EUR account or it still to us to pay the transfer when it’s between two countries but same currency?

Do they charge you if you select “Share” (SHA), I mean your bank?

(Concerning the amount that Revolut deducts for incoming transfers: At least they claimed that they don’t do it. So the amount you send via SHA should be the one appearing in your Revolut account. I have to admit, I had a lot of problems with British banks not handling my transactions as SEPA transactions (which is probably the reason why Revolut used the LT IBAN in the first place), so I would still be cautious)…

I got my new IBAN/BIC for EUR account , all from UK and it look very legit . Revolut Rock :rocket:

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I haven’t tried the “share” option with HSBC France, but I will see if it’s free or which amount is it.

I will let you know if Revolut or/and HSBC charge me to do a transfer from France to UK with the same currency (EUR) in my Revolut EUR account.

We’re rolling out gradually…you’ll be the last but not least :joy::rofl:



Works …

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