Uninstalled app, reinstalling app requires me to create a new account?

Guys, there is NO official support on this forum
Ask your questions on twitter or facebook.

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Thanks for the advice. I tried and they do help on Twitter. I messed up a lot trying to solve my problem, I even changed my number. Revolut Twitter sorted things out for me in the end.

Hey, could you share their email address? I have the same (very annoying) problem.
Thanks a lot!

Hi, I don’t have their email. I just downloaded the Twitter app and looked for Revolut. They don’t answer straight away so wait a bit. Hope this helps.

Hi all, FWIW I had the same here Unable to access app

Hi, I have the same problem. Have read the previous comments but do not find an answer. SOmeone from Revolut, please help.

Just want to share my experience here.
When I changed my phone yesterday, I had to resinstall Revolut app. I entered my mobile no. Then, it asked me to click on the email sent to me. I opened Gmail app and clicked the link. It took me back to Revolut app to complete the signing in process. Once I signed into the app, it directed me to take a selfie. After a couple of minutes, I was able to access my Revolut account.

I’ve changed countries (to Hungary) and can’t get the app to recognize my new phone number or my old one. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it always asks for my number and then says it’s the wrong one! Any ideas?

There is “existing user” but it doesn’t work. I don’t want to create new account.
Do something which works please. Time is money :slight_smile:
Thanks for successful help

I ve got exactly the same problem 15 days ago.
how did you get through this situation?

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I got same issue with my account, just bought new mobile, installed the app and now i can’t access with my old login… i end up in the same loop… @AndreasK please help me

I have not able to login at ALL to my account for the last few weeks. Keep asking me to sign up new account and when I key in my email address, it stated the email has been used. I need to access to my money.
Or please direct me to the real email address or real person where I can CANCEL my account and have my money back. Thank you.


how did you solved, have the same problem.

Any advice please?

Same issue appeared today, app stopped working, quit everytime I launched it. Now it’s saying that I need to sign up with a number. SMS verification also stopped coming in. Any suggestions?

I have the same issue. I can’t log in into app. App wants to verify me identity like while creating new account (I tried even to verify but without success). I can login into web account and I see my cards. Please, help me.

Had to reset my mobile Phone and now I Cannon user revolut app! It verifies me for hours akredytacji, I nerd access to my account, please help!
I cannot user help chat, because I cannot open applocation!

How do we resolve this?? My Dad has the same issues and has been locked out of his account for the last 2 weeks

Hello, I tried to open business account and there is possibility to chat with support at the beginning of registration process. So I asked for help and they solved my issue.