Uninstalled app, reinstalling app requires me to create a new account?


i want to sign back up to Revolut, I downloaded the app, and tried following the steps, however, I’m getting the message “Email already n use. Please provide another”. - I don’t want to create a new email so that I can sign back up to Revolut. Tired calling and it’s all automated and doesn’t help at all. Can’t reach support via the app for obvious reason.

I’ve tried to “force stop” the app several times as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Can someone please help.


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I have exactly the same problem with you.
Does anybody know which is their contact email?

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Anybody got this solved? I have exactly the same issue, I cannot login anymore as the app keeps asking me to create a new account.

I have quite some money on it that I need to transfer urgently and this is blocking me now! The situation is unbearable and I cannot get in touch with anyone from Revolut! What solution do I have now?

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Same issue here. I just updated the app and have no option to login but create new card. This is ridiculous!

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After upgrading to version 7.0 I was also greeted with an account registration screen. If I remember correctly I had to click the link “Register new account” and then I could login to my account with touch id/pin. Very confusing and bad design. But maybe you have a different issue.

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Same thong here guys. Yesterday tried to open the app. It opened for a second and logged me out. Then when I try to log back in, asks me to register. When I enter my email address says already in use. When I press already have an account takes me to the beginning.
Reallh frustrated. It’s like 3rd time I’m having problems with Revolut.
Not sure who is monitoring the community, maybe
@Revolutbusiness but open your eyes, 100s of people can’t access the app and can’t use in-app chat!

Happened to me too. I was scared for a moment there. :sweat_smile:

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Hello. Same problem here. Nobody got this sorted? And who is monitoring what is written here? This was created to help the clients as they have no customer service which is weird also. Just in-app chat and it took ages to get an answer. Now… No access! This is not fair!

Hello, same problem. After an update of the app on IOS. Revolut app requested me to entrer my phone an code, keep telling me that the account exist but without having any possibility to logon…

Now when I try to create a code, I get a message that I should try later. I tried to get some support but it is impossible.

Hopefully I just transferred a few amount of money and even I loose it, it will be OK.

But there is not support. I don’t think it is a good idea to do business with a company that does not provide a support, maybe you buy what you get…

I am facing same problem. Unable to log into my account since I switched to new mobile no. and it has been more than 4 months.

@AndreasK any solution for all of us?

I have the same issue, can’t do anything, just getting something has gone wrong message. I’ve been trying for 3 days now.