Uninstalled app, reinstalling app requires me to create a new account?

Hello. Same problem here. Nobody got this sorted? And who is monitoring what is written here? This was created to help the clients as they have no customer service which is weird also. Just in-app chat and it took ages to get an answer. Now… No access! This is not fair!

Hello, same problem. After an update of the app on IOS. Revolut app requested me to entrer my phone an code, keep telling me that the account exist but without having any possibility to logon…

Now when I try to create a code, I get a message that I should try later. I tried to get some support but it is impossible.

Hopefully I just transferred a few amount of money and even I loose it, it will be OK.

But there is not support. I don’t think it is a good idea to do business with a company that does not provide a support, maybe you buy what you get…

I am facing same problem. Unable to log into my account since I switched to new mobile no. and it has been more than 4 months.

@AndreasK any solution for all of us?

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I have the same issue, can’t do anything, just getting something has gone wrong message. I’ve been trying for 3 days now.

@AndreasK any solution as I have not able to login at ALL to my account for the last few months. I have changed new phone and unable to login. Keep asking me to sign up new account and when I key in my email address, it stated the email has been used. I need to access to my money at this crucial time.
Or please direct me to the real email address or real person where I can CANCEL my account and have my money back. Thank you.


Same issue here (after update) endless loop of authentication for new account that I don’t want, no option to login into my account. Type in number, check email, click link, and repeat endlessly.

Same issue to me too. Any solution for that?

Exactly the same endless loop of messages and emails after the app update.

I recently wanted to make a payment but I kept getting a message “sorry…try again later” however I was never able to make this payment. It was very annoying. I stopped using revolut for a couple of weeks and then tried again, and again, got the same message. I uninstalled and reinstalled revolut hoping it would fix the problem but this time I wasn’t even able to get into my account, there was nowhere in the app to do it unless I created a new account. I would like to access my account instead of having to go through all the trouble of creating a new account. Help!!

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Bei mir tut sich auch nichts mehr. Keine login Möglichkeit. Kann mich nur neu registrieren und sogar das funktioniert nicht. Bin anscheinend nicht der einzige. Nothing happens to me anymore. No login option. I can only register again and even that doesn’t work. Apparently I’m not the only one


I uninstalled the Rev app and then once I reinstalled it, I could not login to my account! It requires to create a new account. When I create a new account a message appears “This account already exists”
Can anyone help me? Since I cannot use the Revolut app, do you know a Revolut email that is aimed for customers service?

Thank you in advance!

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I’ve got exactly the same problem

Guys, there is NO official support on this forum
Ask your questions on twitter or facebook.

Thanks for the advice. I tried and they do help on Twitter. I messed up a lot trying to solve my problem, I even changed my number. Revolut Twitter sorted things out for me in the end.

Hey, could you share their email address? I have the same (very annoying) problem.
Thanks a lot!

Hi, I don’t have their email. I just downloaded the Twitter app and looked for Revolut. They don’t answer straight away so wait a bit. Hope this helps.

Hi all, FWIW I had the same here Unable to access app

Hi, I have the same problem. Have read the previous comments but do not find an answer. SOmeone from Revolut, please help.

Just want to share my experience here.
When I changed my phone yesterday, I had to resinstall Revolut app. I entered my mobile no. Then, it asked me to click on the email sent to me. I opened Gmail app and clicked the link. It took me back to Revolut app to complete the signing in process. Once I signed into the app, it directed me to take a selfie. After a couple of minutes, I was able to access my Revolut account.