Uninstalled app, reinstalling app requires me to create a new account?



I uninstalled the app, then when I reinstalled it, now it requires me to sign up again. How can I use my existing account?

Also, to contact Revolut I need to use the in-app chat, great idea!




While logging in to the app you should be able to enter your phone number and 4 digit password, after that message with activation code should be delivered to you by SMS. You just need to enter your account details again to log in.
Why do you think that you need to open a new account?


Hi Kylo32

I did enter my mobile number again, then at the Create a passcode for your Revolut account, I entered my original passcode then it displays “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”.

I’ve tried for the past 2 hours.

Also, why do I think I need to open a new account, because after re-installing there is no option to sign in except create a new account.


Strange. I am able to log out and log in to the account now using my previous registered phone number. Maybe try to clear app cache and try again to log in.


OK, forced app to stop, cleared app cache, and restarted phone. Still the same message appears. Strange!


I just entered another mobile phone number, then after entering a pin it continued with the new account creation process. But if I enter the mobile number for my current account it won’t let me past the Create a passcode for your Revolut account.

I saw a few messages here where some users were having the same problem. Has anyone uninstalled or changed phones and can sign in without any problem?

I found a contact e-mail, so I’ll send them an email and see what happens.