Unfair charge


I topped-up my account for 10 swiss francs with ApplePay. I wanted to test Revolut. Your charge was 1% as planned. But the total charge to my credit card was 25.10 ! 15 francs where added because of “Cash advance at the counter” type of transaction.

Now you blame ApplePay and it would be up to me to complain with them…

Hold on, the transaction happens between ApplePay and Revolut app.
This is Revolut app who tells ApplePay which type of transaction they are requesting.

In your FAQ or in your fee plan, there is nothing mentioned about this top-up with ApplePay. Even worse: nothing says for instance that this is a “cash advance” which could be considered with much higher commission by card issuer. Even worse: it is said on the contrary that the transaction will be considered as a standard transaction not “cash advance”.

So the customer is not informed to take proper decision about top-up option. I honestly believed, and had no way to think the contrary, that I would just pay your 1% charge. You may consider that this is ApplePay issue or a card issuer issue. But you are the provider and I am the customer.

You should have informed your customer beforehand as I believe you know that ApplePay treats your payment demand as a Cash advance. So this is your responsibility to badly or incompletely inform your customer. Or this is a technical issue on your side because you should not pass the Cash advance type of transaction to ApplePay. Either way, this is your issue, not mine.