Unfair campaign on FB. Lithuania


Dear, Revolut,

Yesterday I’ve participated in Revolut Lithuania created giveaway on premium membership subscription for 1 year for you and and your best inspirator women. All you need to do was to tag our most inspiring women. This campaign was made because of Women’s day celebration in Lithuania. Much later that post was edited and the rules were changed by saying that only two of all will be the lucky ones. That is unfair and shameful move of you Revolut in Lithuania, letting lots of your fans to be disappointed.

Here is the link to post: https://www.facebook.com/RevolutLietuva/posts/420650195029890
And screenshot of disgraceful action: https://imgur.com/MydmyfD


The real discrimination here is that it apparently excludes men.

Apart from that it seems your complaint that it is restricted two two, no? Giveaways always need some sort of restriction.


It’s due to international Women’s day in Lithuania, which is highly celebrated, there are no men exclusion as both post writer and taged women were promised to get premium membership. If giveways need some sort of restriction it must be mentioned on the post from the early beginning, but not next day.


What if a man inspired you? One can hardly tag himself, can he? :wink:

Anyway, I agree that rules should be posted upfront but, equally, common sense should tell one that such a giveaway is not going to be unlimited.


Alessandro, I would agree, but it’s Women’s day celebration, so, I think it is okay to pay the most attention for the women during that day :slight_smile:

That post was made to gather as most organic reach as possible, because the message was clearly stating that everyone who will tag will get the free premium membership for 1 year due to Women’s day occasion.


Is there such an event strictly for men too?

I understand your point, but common sense should tell one that they wont hand out free premium accounts to everyone. My two cents :slight_smile: