Understanding the changes and commision

Can anyone to help me tu understand the withdrawal commision applied?

I’m in Colombia and Revolut work like a charm at the moment except in ATM extraction where I need some cash for minor payments, so I tried a withdraw at Davivienda bank. I post some picture here looking for help to understand the operation. I Live in Europe, however the exchange applied was in GBP. The ATM don’t ask me the conversion to apply using DCC or local currency. The two pictures are the receipt of the transaction and MC webpage conversion of this day.

Because you were debited in GBP it’s a case of DCC where the ATM operator applies their own exchange rate (to their favour).
If the conversion was done on Revolut’s side it couldn’t show you the amount in GBP on the receipt.

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A nightmare. Here the shop TPV’s don’t ask the exchange to apply. And the 90% of time apply DCC,

Yes, DCC is a pain. But there is news:

If you notice early enough that DCC is applied you may request a refund and being charged in local currency.
Or even request a chargeback if you notice it later. (which will hurt the merchant much more)

It tells you clearly (in Spanish) that you’ve been charged in your currency 56.35
It’s a case of DCC without option to decline it.

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