Understanding crypto currency wallet


I have a question about crypto currencies.
Suppose I have 100 EUR on my account, and that’s it (0 USD, 0 GBP).
I know that if I pay somewhere in GBP/USD, or even with one of other supported currencies, the exact sum will automatically be converted from EUR, which is in fact handy and that’s what people love revolut for.

If I buy bit coin (that’s not enough to buy even one bit coin of course, I know how big it is!) or litecoin or any other coin… Suppose 0 EUR left after deal or near it.

If I later try pay with revolut card for anything (less than 100 EUR, but obviously more than 0), will it be converted from bitcoin automatically? This won’t be as handy as GBP /USD or other stable currency, because bitcoin are very volatile.

I want to probably buy few bit coins for money which I don’t need right now and can take risks and forget about them for few years… To not read news to not spoile my mind and mood. Consider is as casino game (which is exactly it is today IMHO). But I don’t want for them to be accidentally converted back when I don’t need too.

Yes they will, just as any other currency.

Just transfer your Crypto to a Vault, then it won’t be considered for auto exchange when using your card.

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Thank you for the reply. Indeed, makes sense. And the same for US dollars for instance - I can buy few of them, put into the wallet and be sure that they won’t be spend by accident (if all other currencies on my current account is finished).
Is any interest payed on wallet? Or is there any plans for that? Or that’s the whole idea of wallet - just not to spend anything by accident?