Understanding Auto Top-up


i have enabled Auto Top-up. For this i guessed my account would top up every time i fall under the set limit.
But looks like it is not working.
I have about 2 Euro in my account, but nothing happens.
Also i withdrawed 100 € when i had 80 € in my account. Revolut didnt Top-up. Instead i was denied to get the cash. After i added some money manually it worked.

Is Auto Top-up not working as expected or did i understand this function wrong?

Did you start with a balance higher than the threshold?

Auto top up does not work while making a payment but after your balance falls under a set threshold after a payment.

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OK, so i understand that i can’t just have 51,99 € in my account and pay something for 52,00 €. I need to top-up before.

My balance now is below the threshold, but before it was above. And i think i already had the auto top-up active. Now it is active for sure, so it should top-up. But it does not.

Yes. You only can spent as much as you hold in your wallet. It’s a debit prepaid card.